Well this is an exciting time! My first ebook in what I hope will be a long standing series of fiction and non-fiction ebooks about quirky and interesting tales in Australian History.

Shipwrecked: the Saving of Eva Carmichael has been a long time coming. In fact it was many years ago that my husband and I took our two older children for a driving holiday along the Great Ocean Road here in Victoria, Australia.

I had no idea exactly how rich in folklore the area was when it came to shipwrecks and I found the whole idea of people travelling for months on end in these vessels only to founder at the last possible moment both tragic and intriguing at the same time.

The story of two young people being the only survivors of one such wreck is both gloriously romantic as it is poignantly sad. To know that they lost all that was dear to them and be the only survivors to remember those lost must have been an incredible burden to bear. One that I don't think in our modern times we could ever possibly comprehend.

Subsequently this story has been floating around in my head ever since this holiday and I knew it was the perfect story to launch the series.

What do you think? Let me know whether you enjoyed this story or not and what you think the next book should be about? That would be fun!

Anyway ... not too long now. Almost time to get this website live and then to publish the book! Yay!

Happy reading everyone!

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